Sunday, July 25, 2010


The flowers on the table are going to be cluster of vintage bottles with one flower in each of them.

Le bonheur des parents! Happiness!

Thank you Gabriele for the beautiful and delicious cupcakes!

A celebration with friends

Great friends, great food,
cheers to Emilie and Hugo

The perfect wedding dress!

So many choices! All beautiful! My best gift and the kindest to have Emilie, my daughter, coming from Switzerland to choose her wedding gown with me! Merci pour ce magnifique cadeau!

An invitation

Emilie and Hugo's wedding invitation!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A start!

starting again, one of my new card!

Mon Atelier (Studio update)

I have a new space! We built a bookcase with antique tin and an old door that we cut in half for the sides, on the other side I have shelving for all my art goodies!! I love to re-purpose! This was
quiet a project! I had the vision but I am no carpenter! It was a team project! Mary, Pierre-Andre, myself and Danny for the final touch! The bookcase needed some stability and Danny and his skills made it work! Hurray! I love it! Great storage!
I made a bulletin board for one side to hang inspiration and pictures, two door knobs are holding the board, very easy to realize.
I took out the old green carpet and let the floor bare.I did a faux finish on the concrete and finished with a wet look sealer. (3 coats!)It looks great like you could skate on it! Great reflection with the ceiling! I used a metallic paint on the ceiling.( very hard to take a picture!)
On the floor, I used the words that we sell at the store from Danielson Designs! By the way they are on sale 60% off! It is very easy and fun to use! You could also cut your own stencil!
So my studio is coming along, I have my work table under the window. That is all right now.
My daughter is coming tomorrow! Youppie! We will go on a search for the perfect wedding dress!