Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome in our new home

Birds,birdcage,books...all my favorites

                                          antique tin birdcage and birds
                  Do you know that most of the gardening books have a green cover
                                                   love that bird

Friday, July 20, 2012


                                   my handmade paper dolls: "a Time to be Queen" on the left was in the Somerset Magazine "Art Doll Quarterly", on the right, that is a class I taught at "The Queen of Arts"
                                         using old parts of lamps, great photo/card holders
                                                  working on some Christmas items
                                    one of my handcast paper using molds from my country
                                                   handmade card
                            using vintage bottles, ephemera and castings of my molds

...and more

                                          greenhouse made by my hubby
                                   that is some of my material hiding behind the tin
                                                  more material hihi
                                          I am spoiled I have a balcony!
                                          love little black chair
                                          good memories...
                                          studio :)
                                          more ephemera
                                          need to use every space
                                          antique books and vintage music sheets for projects
                                           my new curtains, I really love how they came out

Studio...more photos

                                                    One of the corner
                                                    we built this divider/shelving, antique tin
                                           we cut an old door for the sides
                                           repurpose, an old drawer with doorknob for the feet
                                          trying to stay organized
                                         love my little chairs, great display for my vintage ribbon
                                          love Mason jars
                                          one of my favorite mason jar
                                          container, container, container, try to stay organized!
                                                   easy to find lace

My studio

Take a peek in my studio

                                          I collect all kind of ephemera
                                                   Love the vintage window and my birdnest from my friend's house
                                                    Round window in my studio

Friday, July 6, 2012

Morning shadow


 a beautiful house...
.....and a wonderful couple and a delicious paella

A trip to Switzerland

 Le Lac Noir, memories of skying and having fun!

 My sister in law Madeleine, my sister Anne-Marie and my brother Hugo