Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas..., Peace and Good Will

.... and a baby in a manger, this Nativity has been in our family for 4 generations.
Milkglass collection I love to use it for all the Holidays

the bearer of gift, handmade

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Please come in....a Welcome Christmas

A lunch and a paper project!
Tin Mirror Detail, on the bench in the entrance


Christmas, a Wish for Peace!

A gift, remembrance of our visitor this Summer!
my handmade sachet
..and the angel sings....

On my island in the kitchen

In the kitchen my snowman gardener!

Baking cookies for the party!
Icy chandelier
Traditional tree in a garden urn, handmade reindeer
.... in my kitchen armoire
"Coquins" sugar cookies, raspberry seedless jelly from my parents,I use my old ladder to set up my Nativity
Fill a container with rocks, stand your tree, add crystals ...sparkle!
Pastry table getting ready for a party...more milk glass!

Warm Handmade Christmas

Columns from Alabama
Under" Cloche" and my handmade papier mache snowman
Peaceful! Coffee table made with iron candlesticks!
A family heirloom! Nativity made with bees wax,
has been in our family for 4 generation!

... in my living-room
Milk glass collection!
Handmade stockings, the elf looking one I made with a vintage cashmere sweater!
....more milk glass collection!
My handmade paper ornaments first handmade Santa! Good memories Debbie!

Entrance, remembrance.... wooden stand from our daughter's wedding last year
Close-up! Woodsy feeling! Natural look! I love to use a tray on a chair, if you need extra sitting it is easy to remove it fast!
My Handmade PaperAngel tree topper
Vintage birdcage revisited!
Garlands: mixed pine with white poinsettias, natural swan, lights

I love green houses, they are so great to decorate!