Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easy pretty wreath

A little twine, some grass, one or two flowers...nice wreath for a table. It looks great on a pedestal or cake stand! Just add yummy chocolate eggs!

A beautiful bread nest

My hubby loves to bake bread and every Easter he will make that delicious nest to hold our printed eggs.

Easter Tradition

Start with fresh herbs or tiny flowers
Bring water to a boil with one table spoon of white vinegar and the onion peels (5 to 8 onions). Simmer for two hours.
Discard the onion peels and keep the brew, wait until it is lukewarm.The eggs need to be at room temperature. Carefully layer the herbs or flowers on the egg, wrap the egg in a clean stocking, use twine to close.
Place the wrapped eggs into the concoction and bring to a simmer. Cook the eggs for 10 minutes. Transfer into ice cold water for 10'. Unwrap and voilà!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old register from Hotel

See attachment for the handle! On the other journal, I used a piece of moulding and a wooden butterfly.

A little gift for wonderful friends

Package makes the gift special!

Back in my studio

I am working on some new journals and I love to use vintage handles, it looks great!