Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here it is... my first blog!

Wednesday, May 19th
My first try at taking down popcorn ceiling! It 's really easier than what I was thinking! I decided to transform my guest room, new paint, new wood floors and new bedding! After several trips to the paint store, I settled for a beautiful blue: a mix of Robin's egg blue and clearwater, just perfect!


  1. love your blog, great background.
    can't wait to see the finished wall and room.

    also didn't know you were born in the year of the horse. I was born in the year of the rat.
    did you know that a horse and a rat are not supposed to get along at all.....both you and my friend Donna are horses and we get along just great

  2. Congrats on your blog!
    Taking the popcorn ceiling down.... wow how did you do it. It is a project I have been procrastinating and I hope to be able to do for some time!


  3. It's always exciting to start a decorating project- I'm sure you will have lots of fun. We all know it will turn out beautiful because you have excellent taste. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!