Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moving and remodeling!

I will catch up soon with photos of the renovation!


  1. I didn't get a chance to say an official Good Bye! Hugs and Best Wishes to You in your exciting move. Our community has not been the same without Past and Presents. I was just looking this morning, at one of the gifts my boys picked out with you. Enjoy Creating! You are so talented. Blessings, Roxane

  2. Hello Roxane,
    thank you for your kind words! I really feel that one chapter of my life is closed. I will always cherish memories of my store and I know lots of my customers-friends have great memories too. A soon as I am settled I will start again my handmade and I will try Etsy. I will be back sometime in May, what about lunch with Denise? Amicalement Brigitte

  3. Okay girlie, still waiting for new photos! What's happening there? By the way, I can not believe the shopping you have there, I'd be in heaven!

  4. I will post soon! Thank you for being patient!