Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Leg work!

Interesting to look at all the different designs on our tables and chairs!

                                        heavy... concrete base


                     just the right worn and shabby!

                                       ..a little curve!
                                      an interesting mix!

                                      more leg work!

         I like a mix...strong and heavy leg for our farm table and delicacy of the french chair!

                       a simple folding bench

                                                             just simple        

                                               coffee table legs made from candlesticks! Hope that you enjoy!


  1. Such gorgeous details Brigitte...on each and every piece! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Thank you Dawn, each piece was collected over many years..... patience ...and you will find that furniture that brings your house to your "HOME" I enjoy it! Hugs

  3. Very interesting...and beautiful! Anne-Marie